Most car owners know that they need to give their vehicles regular service. However, they may not know exactly why this is essential. Our Chrysler service center highlights three big benefits of routine maintenance:

You’ll Get Better Performance

In order to get the best performance from your car, you can’t neglect service. An engine, for example, will only be in optimal condition if it has clean oil flowing through it. Thick and dirty oil results in a loss of power. Fluid top-offs are another vital service, as there are many systems in your car that won’t operate as they should if their fluids are at the wrong levels.

You’ll Be Safer

If you want to feel as safe and secure as possible while out on the road, you won’t neglect service. Your brake system, for instance, should be checked yearly to make sure it’s in good condition. Your tires need to be rotated regularly so that the treads wear down evenly and give you the best traction and stopping power.

You’ll Save Money

Regular service will also save you money. If you don’t rotate your tires, they will wear out faster, which means having to get a new set much sooner. If the air pressure in your tires isn’t right, this hurts your fuel economy, so you end up having to buy gas more often. And if you completely neglect maintenance, it won’t be long before some of the systems in your car start breaking down, which will result in a very expensive repair or replacement.

Just realized that your car is overdue for some service? We can help. Just make an appointment with the service center at Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM for anything you need.