Has it been a while since you had your Jeep® vehicle serviced? You’re going to want to do something about that. If you put off Jeep service, bad things will happen, including:

Your Car Won’t Run as Well

Preventative maintenance is vital for keeping your vehicle in optimal condition. Regular oil changes, for example, ensure that the moving parts in the engine are always well-lubricated. If you skip this service, eventually the oil turns to sludge, which will hurt the engine.

You’ll Waste Money

Sure, car service is an expense, but it’s a necessary expense. Spending money now saves money down the road. Oil changes help with fuel economy, so you won’t have to buy gas as often. Regular rotations let tires wear down evenly, which extends their lifespan.

You Won’t Know What’s Happening

In addition to keeping things in great shape, another reason why service is so important is that it allows technicians to be proactive. A part may be fine now, but if it’s showing signs of needing to be replaced, you can take care of it early before it becomes a problem later down the line.

You’re Asking for Trouble

Remember that oil sludge we mentioned earlier? If you wait too long to change out old oil, it will clog up the engine. This means that your car will break down. And that’s just one example. If you ignore things like brake and battery checks and filter replacements, you’re basically just waiting for various components in your car to fail.

Don’t put off necessary car service any longer. Whatever you need to keep your vehicle healthy, you can get at the service center at Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. Contact us to make an appointment.