A little humor goes a long way. Dodge has released its newest ad campaign for the Dodge Dart starring two very funny actors. Craig Robinson, best known for his role in The Office, and  Jake Johnson from New Girl team up to tell the story of two neighbors, one with a new Dodge Dart and the other trying time and again to touch it. Keep reading for more info about the ‘Don’t Touch My Dart’ campaign.

Dodge teamed up with Portland area advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to create this humorous concept. They have created a broadcast and digital package that includes nearly two dozen variations of 5-second TV billboards along with 15- and 30- second commercials. The campaign introduces Robinson, the owner of a new Dodge Dart. His friend, Johnson, is interested in seeing the new vehicle. But as soon as Johnson tries to touch the Dodge Dart, Robinson stops him immediately, snapping “Don’t touch my Dart.” You will start to see these commercials on all major networks soon.

Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer explains “Throughout each chapter in the story the audience will learn about Dart’s key product advantages and innovative features. At the end of the day our objective is to educate, drive awareness and ultimately support sales. Craig (Robinson) and Jake (Johnson) deliver that while maintaining the essence of the Dodge brand spirit, character and full-of-life attitude.”

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