Now that the thermometers in the West Chester, OH area are pushing past 90 degrees, the last thing you want is a broken air conditioner or a battery that won’t start. While some drivers forget about vehicle maintenance when winter comes to an end, the reality is that summer presents some tough challenges when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Here at our RAM service center, our team of professional mechanics is ready to get your car into top condition for your summer road trips and adventures.

Prepare Your Battery: Battery issues do not always occur in the winter. In fact, the heat of summer can have more of a negative impact on your battery than the winter freeze. In order to prevent battery vibration, our mechanics will clean any corrosive buildup from battery terminals and cable clamps and replace or charge the battery if necessary.

Keeping the Engine Cool: One of the main issues that comes along with summer is your car’s engine overheating. Cooling systems protect engines from overheating and should be flushed according to manufacturer specifications. Rubber cooling system components are also susceptible to heat-related decay, so we’ll also inspect the hoses and drive belts.

Air Conditioning Check: Whether you’re driving a Chrysler 300, a RAM truck, or something else, you’ll want your air conditioning to be working on those scorching summer days. The refrigerant levels will decrease over time, causing your A/C to become less efficient. Our mechanics will check out your A/C system to ensure that it can last you throughout the summer.

At our vehicle service center, our team of professional mechanics will ensure that your car is in top condition for the summertime.