There’s only a little more winter left. The time to start preparing for spring is rapidly approaching. Do your preparations include your car? At Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM near West Chester, OH, we think they should.

Winter can really take a toll on a car. When spring rolls around again, it’s time to reward your vehicle for a job well done and prepare it for the warmer months to come. If you took steps to winterize your vehicle, like applying snow tires, it’s time to get it back to normal.

You’ll also want to consider a detail. Not only will it leave your car looking nice for the more active months of the year, but it will protect your paint job and paneling from longterm wear and tear issues. Don’t forgo cleaning the inside of the vehicle as well. All that salt from snowy boots and coats can harm your interior as well. Get the inside of your 2018 RAM 1500 looking as nice as the outside.

Salt isn’t the only negative effect snow can have. It can also deteriorate the street causing potholes. Potholes are no good for your car’s wheel systems. Primarily, the alignment and suspension are the most likely to be knocked out of whack. Be sure to check for problems there.

It’s never a bad time to check your tires. They may be tough, but they take a lot of punishment, punishment that can wear down treading and deflate tire pressure. Both of these can lead to serious issues.

Remember that you’ll need operational windshield wipers to protect you against those famous April showers. Make sure they work and don’t leave behind anything that can hamper your view.

We are here at Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to help you with any of your mechanical needs. The highly trained staff in our Chrysler service center will help give you peace of mind this spring.