When a problem arises in your vehicle, seemingly out of nowhere, odds are it’s an electrical issue. At Jake Sweeney Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM in Cincinnati, we’d like to teach you how to spot signs that you might need your electrical system serviced.

With all the complex technology found in cars these days it can be easy to forget–whether you have a vintage automobile or a 2018 Dodge Charger GT–that you need a functioning electrical system to even get the vehicle on. Take note of these signs of an issue:

1. Light and sensor malfunctions: There are all kinds of systems powered by electricity in your vehicle, most of them you can control from a screen or panel in the front. If you happen to notice flickering in either the screen or the panel you’re probably looking at some kind of electrical issue. The same goes for headlights: if you see them get noticeably dimmer at slower speeds, you should probably get your car checked out. Due to the connectivity of the electrical system, small problems can lead to bigger ones if unchecked.

2. Battery in disrepair: A dirty battery can be far more nefarious than just an eye sore. Much like AA batteries you use around the house, eventually, a car battery gets worn out. If it begins to degrade this can be a serious issue. Come into Jake Sweeney Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM and let the trained service professionals at our Jeep dealership in Cincinnati take care of a faulty battery. The material it leaks can be dangerous, so don’t wait.

3. Car won’t start: Most obviously, if you hear a grinding or clicking sound instead of the engine turning over, you almost certainly have an electrical problem.

Don’t let a small problem become a bigger one…visit us at the first sign of trouble.