Getting a new car is very exciting. We love seeing the look on our customers’ faces when they explore our models and take them for a test drive. Many times, it can be easy to forget some important things during all of your excitement.

If you’re planning to secure a Jeep® lease, be sure to bring these documents along when you visit our dealership.

Driver’s License

Maybe this one goes without saying (especially if you’ll be driving a car to come see us), but it’s important to mention nonetheless. For one matter, we will need to verify your identity, so this is an essential piece of identification. Also, please be sure that your license is updated and valid.

Proof of Residency

We will also need to verify your current address, and your driver’s license should be able to supply this information. However, if you recently moved, we will need to see a utility bill. If you don’t have a bill in your name, anything that is addressed to you – such as an official bank statement – should suffice.

Proof of Income and Insurance

Be sure to bring along two recent pay stubs that show your income. If you have more than one job—perhaps if you do part-time side work—bring proof of that income as well.

We will also need to make sure that you have the necessary insurance coverage for Ohio, so don’t forget to bring your insurance card as well.

Vehicle Title

Will you be trading in your current car? If so, you will need to show that you own it, and you can do this with the car’s title.

Do you have any questions about leasing? Get in touch with our Cincinnati Jeep dealers today!