Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, your RAM dealership for Cincinnati, OH drivers, wants to make sure you pass your mandated emissions test the first time without incident. That is why we’ve made a list of the best things you can do to make that a reality.

Check Engine Light
The check engine light is great for alerting you to an issue; however, is not as great at pointing you in the direction of that issue. This is especially unfortunate because if the check engine light is on in your car, the odds of your car passing the emissions test are next to nothing. Most of the systems that are being assessed are tied into the check engine light. That means if it’s on, you have a problem exactly where you don’t want to.

How do you turn it off? Often times, it will eventually go off on its own, if you haven’t taken steps to repair the problem, this is likely not the boon it appears to be. The only concrete way to make sure the problem is addressed is to bring your vehicle into our Chrysler service center, so we can find the malady and correct it.

Drive at High Speeds
A dirty catalytic converter will also almost certainly cause a failure for your car. The good news is that cleaning the catalytic converter is almost as easy as it is fun. The accumulation of gas and oil that is detrimental to the converter can be burned away at high enough temperatures. Those temperatures are easily achievable when your car is moving at high speeds for a relatively extended period of time. Doing it just once probably won’t cut it though. Try going a few times a week before the test and definitely a final time on your way there.

These are the main issue that will help you pass. For a more comprehensive tune-up, come into Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.