It’s perhaps more important than ever right now to maintain your Chrysler vehicle. With vehicle costs and fuel prices at record highs, regular service is vital for keeping your vehicle in good shape and saving you money. If you have questions about Mopar® Chrysler service, we’ve got answers.

Why is Service so Essential?

The main reason why regular service is vital is that it lets you preserve the health of your car. Think of this like a doctor’s appointment for your vehicle. This will make sure everything is working as it should, and if something needs some work, you can take care of it early before it becomes a problem. Routine service also lets your car run more efficiently, which means you won’t have to spend as much money on things like gas.

What Service Does My Car Need?

Oil changes are perhaps the most important service task for your car. This ensures that only clean oil flows through your engine, which allows the moving parts to get good lubrication. There are also several other things that need to be done to your car, including tire rotations, brake and battery checks, and fluid top-offs.

When Should I Get Service for My Car?

Regardless of how much you drive, you should make a point to get your car serviced on a regular basis. The oil should be changed about every six months, and the same is true for rotating the tires. The braking system and battery should be inspected yearly. The fluids really need to be looked at about every two to three months.

If it has been a while since your car received any sort of maintenance, make an appointment with the service center at Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM in Cincinnati.