Life can be pretty hectic — with work, kids, and everything else going on, it can be very easy for things like car care to fall through the cracks. In some cases, however, your Jeep® vehicle will let you know that it requires some Jeep service. These are some signs that an oil change is necessary sooner rather than later:

There’s a Noticeable Drop in Power

No matter which Jeep model you drive, it has very good power. But if it doesn’t seem as potent as usual, old oil could be to blame. This is because it thickens with use, which means that it can’t provide adequate lubrication to the moving parts in the engine. This hurts the power it can provide.

You’re Having to Stop to Get Gas More Often

In addition to affecting power, old oil also hurts your vehicle’s fuel economy. This is because thick oil causes an engine to have to work harder. And as a result of this, it uses fuel up a lot faster.

There are Grinding Noises

If you hear any sort of grinding sound when driving, this is almost certainly a very bad sign. This could mean that those engine parts are getting little oil and that they are rubbing against each other. The friction this creates will lead to an expensive repair or replacement if it isn’t addressed.

Don’t Delay Your Next Jeep Oil Change

To ensure that your Jeep performs well and stays in great health, regular oil changes are crucial. If you have noticed any of the above red flags, contact Jake Sweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM near Lexington to schedule your oil change.